A client came to me with a unique job. He needed a complete home setup and had no time or know-how of what to do.

It started with pre-viewing real estate to pick the best house to suit his needs. After the house was obtained and cosmetic changes made, we moved on to the interior design.

We started with the obvious… furnishings and decor. Then there were all the details that needed to be taken care of. Bedding, linens, kitchenware barware, toiletries, bringing over his entire wardrobe and organizing it into the closets. That led to stocking the walk-in wine cooler, the bar, the pantry…everything. We redid the landscaping and searched for art together.

When all was complete he was able to simply and seamlessly walk into his new home and live. From this job came the request to repeat that formula and thereupon, INHABIT was born.


Conceived as a design/staging company, Style Studio has designed and furnished properties for a multitude of diverse clients. Lisa’s versatility and creativity within the broad spectrum of architectural and interior design styles, has earned her a space in the design landscape.

Discovering a void, Lisa seized the opportunity to diversify the business to cater to the hardworking successful man, lacking the time and possibly the inspiration to design and create a home for himself. INHABIT was established to fill this void and set the business on a new path.



Lisa’s belief is simple… “Your home should be your sanctuary.” With over twenty years’ experience in interior design, she has found her niche working with single, business-minded men who desire a comfortable and refined space in which to live and entertain. Her aesthetic compliments the masculine look desired by her male clients, making the final collaborative design easy and seamless. Lisa has worked with a wide variety of clientele on projects ranging from simply stylized office spaces to multi-million dollar homes. Her background in fashion design lends a special dedication to rich textiles and color, and her love of travel contributes to the diversity in her style. Lisa has gained a solid reputation for her professionalism and discretion when working with her professional clients. Her close attention to the gentleman’s lifestyle and persona has earned her both their trust and their respect.



DIRECT : (310) 890 1780


    Born in the Caribbean and “schooled” in Europe, North America and through extensive global travel, Patrice is a woman of the world. Her diverse and cultured background has influenced both her personal and professional style, fusing her intuitive flare for design with her exquisite good taste.

    Patrice is experienced in business, hospitality, project management and entrepreneurship. She worked at top restaurants in NYC, conceptualized and executed themed launches for a leading US retail chain, and co owned the Manhattan Country Club, California, where she collaborated with chefs on menus, décor, special events and hosted a high profile tennis tournament for several years. These competencies along with her vivacious spirit, professionalism and eye for detail, inspire confidence, create trust and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients.