A random encounter led to the discovery of Lisa and Patrice’s deep passion for travel, art, fashion and design. Their shared entrepreneurial spirit led to the formation of a design/staging company, LUONGO+ABLACK in 2015, through which their talents could be channeled.

In 2018, Lisa+Patrice launched INHABIT, to fill a market void serving the busy, successful man who lacks the time and/or ability to design and create a home for himself. Tell us your vision and we will create a space you will love to INHABIT.


Working with INHABIT will make your home design project infinitely less daunting. We will crystalize your vision for your home and take care of all of the time consuming details for you.

Our comprehensive service includes:

Lifestyle & Preference Driven Design Consultation

Design Plan - Concepts/Options/Pricing and Implementation Schedules

Purchasing, Coordinating Deliveries, Installations and Customization

Organization of Client’s Personal Effects and Closets

Stocking Pantry & Fridge with client’s preferred food and beverages

Interviewing & Hiring Staff needed by the Client


Through a collaborative process, INHABIT uncovers the distinctive style, preferences and taste of the client, in addition to the specific functionality and comfort he desires in his home.

We prepare design concepts and present our ‘inspirations’, proposed budget, timelines and schedules to the client. Upon final approval, we hire contractors, acquire the selected fixtures and furnishings and oversee the execution of the entire project. If desired, INHABIT’s services can include organization our client’s personal effects, screening and hiring needed staff, stocking the pantry, bar and refrigerator.

Our pricing structure is a fixed percentage of the total budget, so there are no hidden costs, hourly fees or markups.

Simply put, we take the work out of making your home beautifully INHABITable.